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How to get Free Google Play Gift Cards Legally?

Every Smartphone user now knows that there is hardly anything better than Google play store to get the best apps, games, movies, books and other things. The platform which the Google play store is providing is unique and very comfortable for everyone. Without any trouble, millions of people are using a huge collection of different apps by this store.

There are lots of things that you can get free of cost and millions of useful apps also charge something for downloading. There are some exclusive gaming apps or other apps which are free to download but you can only use their very limited features. In order to gain the maximum access to all their exclusive features, you will be asked to spend some money.

Call for free gift cards

There is no doubt that developers are also making very efforts in order to generate or produce such mind-blowing apps for you. And thus it is fair that they are charge some amount in return for their efforts. But many of us can only pay for one or two apps. Even when you will watch your monthly bill, you may find it a bit difficult to continue with paying something for digital material. In that situation, you can go for an authentic way and obtain free google play gift cards generator. By this, you will be able to get the desire apps form the Google play store without making a hole in your pocket.

Simple task to get them free

There is no need to get confused by anything because earning the free Google gift cards is very easy. You just need to find the right type of authentic website which provides you rewards for taking part in surveys or giving your opinion about a particular product or services. There are many websites which might ask you to download some good quality music or videos. In adaptation to this, some also give huge rewards just to register the device online like Samsung. There are many other websites which can ask you to download a particular app and use it just for a minute or two. You can also get rewarding points by referring the website to your friends. On every single referral, there is a huge bonus.

How to use them for paid apps

The process of redemption of these gift cards is also very easy. On the payment screen at Google play, you can give details about these cards. There are immense benefits of using these cards. The first benefit is that you don’t have to spend them immediately.  You can easily store them and collect them to buy more important app form the Google. There is no expiration date of these gift cards and thus you can also keep them in your email account for a long period of time.

Thing to remember

You can change the entire experience of using the Google play store with these free gift cards. But make sure that you are using only the authentic website to complete the task to get the high rewarding points as free gift cards to spend on the Google play store.

Interesting ways to get free music from iTunes store

Gone are the days when people prefer to listen to songs on traditional equipment. With the advancement of technology, every aspect of life has changed in many folds. The music industry is also not making an exception here and you can easily notice the dramatic changes. Now you can have access to millions of songs which are available online. Itunes stores are also the most popular way of getting your favorite tracks.

Due to remarkable audio quality of iTunes store, millions of users are getting music from there every day. You can also obtain them but there are certain charges for every single song that you download. You may be paying nearly one dollar for every song. There is no doubt that it is very costly and not possible to spend the much amount in routine. For this, there is a better solution available through which you can easily gain the free music. You must have noticed that in the routine many new apps, music and videos are launched online and in order to make them popular many websites conducts some surveys. As reward points, you can get free iTunes codes from these websites.

Simple steps to start getting free codes

You can also use free iTunes gift card codes to have access to your favorite songs or music tracks at iTunes store. There are millions of tracks available for you and without using these gift card codes it will be very difficult for you to afford them. Now the question arises how to obtain them free and why anyone will give you them free of cost. The answer is that you just have to complete some very easy task in order to get them. This will not take much time for yours. For this, you can also visit the PrizeRebel website. On this website, there are many small tasks available to do and by doing them you will be rewarded free iTunes gift card codes. Now you must be wondering that how they are different from the other codes. The best part about these gift card codes is that you can send them to your loved one for the redemption without any problem.

How to earn iTunes codes

Are you still searching the other legitimate ways and wanted to know how to get free iTunes codes. Here is one more helping tip for you through which you will be able to do that. For this, you need to get an authentic link to explore the pointsprizes website. Here you will be getting a chance to obtain free gift card codes to use them on iTunes stores. The process of earning free codes is also very simple and you will be asked to see some great videos and give your opinion about them. These tasks keep on changing with time. There are many other easy to do tasks that you can finish to get free iTunes codes like surveys, sweepstakes newsletter signups etc.

Complete fun with authentic ways

You can really make the day of your dear one by presenting him gift card iTunes codes. The other thing is that you can also save them and spend them when you find your favorite music on iTunes stores. Some people also use iTunes gift card generator but it is very hard to find an authentic one.


Earning gold in shadow fight 3

Earning gold in shadow fight 3

Things You May Like To Know About Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3 is a great mobile game and you can have unlimited fighting sessions. For every winning, there are many rewards. You can win gold and rubies in this game which are the most important forms of the gaming currency. All the storyline is very interesting and all the characters are superb. You will fall in love with this game. There is no doubt that at present there is almost flood of various mobile game that you can play online but this game is unique in the matter of visual and other technology. You can also learn more about shadow fight 3 mod apk hack for having fun.

All the advanced gaming features and unique graphics are available in this game and everything is appealing. There are many rare moves that you will not find in any other game at all. What can be more interesting than giving the powers and designing your own character? Here you can do that without any problem. You will find that some of the exclusive features of the games are locked for the paid players only. But here we are going to explain smart and shortcut tricks by which you will be able to unlock them and have all the in-game advantages. Shadow fight 3 download is available now free of cost.

Earning gold and rubies

Gold and rubies are the most important forms of the gaming currency. It is also necessary to earn them in order to make significant progress in the game. Without that, you will not be able to buy the advanced weapons and other important equipment. But for this, you will have to win in the fights against your various opponents. You should also learn the fact that mashing is not a good thing. In the starting, you will be able to win some easy matches but in the long run, you must have deep knowledge about different moves. In order to be expert stop using the simple punches every time and explore more about the various movements that you can make in order to win the matches.

Shadow attacks

Sometimes players don’t pay so much importance to the shadow attacks. But in order to get more advantages, you should learn about the shadow attacks. Certainly, you can make fast progress in the game by learning more shadow games. But you should use them wisely because your opponent can also develop effective defense by observing your ways of using the shadow. You can also do the same. This clearly means that both side it is easy to observe the use of shadow for a different purpose. For using the shadows you will have to develop a very strong strategy. The best thing is making your movement unpredictable for your opponent. You should attack your enemy when they are not expecting any actions from your side. By doing this you will be able to give maximum damage to your enemy. has also many tips and tricks you must may like to know.

Unlocking chests

The next thing is unlocking the various chests. You should always remember the fact that unlocking the chests is very important. There are several advantages of unlocking them because you can always win various types of things from them. There are many different powers and equipment which are always hidden in them. In order to gain more and more chest, you should do many things carefully. For this, you can give preference to win the duels. By ranking up you can also reach to the silver chest. The silver chest is a great achievement for the character because you will be able to get more goodies in this ways.

Find new ways

You can also invent the new ways to earn more gaming currency. By doing this you will be able to buy more weapons and equipment for the empowerment of your character in the virtual world. In addition to this, you should also keep making your efforts to complete the story mission as soon as possible because you will be able to earn more chests by this. These are the great ways and used and tested by the majority of the winners. Hope you will also get many benefits by these amazing tips and tricks. By earning more money in the above mentioned ways, you can make shadow fight 3 everything unlocked.

Dragon City Guide For Gameplay

Dragon City – A Complete Guide

Dragon city is one of the popular games that is developed and designed by Social Point. This is one of the most trending games as epic dragon simulation games are the point of attraction. This is all about dragon breeding game available for IOS and Android smartphone. As it is an F2P game and unique one so it hit millions of download in very less time. Gamers are able to collect thousands of dragons and then breed them to get new ones. Food plays the vital role in feeding dragons. On the other hand, there are other currencies, gold and gems. Perhaps, you may have the tackle to issue of insufficient resources. However, the in-app purchases can help in getting rid of this problem with ease. Lots of gamers has used it but not every gamer is able to spend money. In this condition, dragon city hack will be the best alternative that can provide resources without even spending a single penny.

Currencies and Experience Points – Basics

There are many methods to get currencies and experience points. The simple one is quests, dragon’s habitats and victory in battle arenas. These are some of the easy methods but do you know that you can earn more by upgrading the habitats as well as breeding dragons. There is hatchery too that can be upgraded. You have so many buildings to put in the dragon city but hatchery and habitats play the vital role. Prioritize you upgrades and keep on upgrading as per the need. While breeding dragons, these can help in many ways. On the other hand, if you want to collect more experience points then this is important to complete missions. It is important to level up the dragon otherwise unlocking more dragon isn’t possible.    

Dragon To Use In Beginning

In the beginning, you can find that there are lots of dragons and it will be complicated as well as hard to choose the right type. Well, the earth dragons are ideal and it can be a good start with them. These can be helpful in getting gold with ease. The gold generates rate from habitat is fastest with earth dragons. On the other hand, if you will be playing this game for a small burst then try out water dragons due to the gold capacity provided. If any of the method isn’t working to earn gold faster then you should look for the use of dragon city cheats. Now, this is easier to collect higher amount with ease. Even gems are easy to acquire with this method.

Breeding Tips

As you know that this game is all about breeding that’s why you should pay a little bit attention on the breeding. There are total ten types of dragons and if you choose any of two to breed then it is easier to get new dragons. Well, this is the fastest method. Basically, the newborn dragon’s stats depend on the parent dragon that means you should go with breeding rare or more powerful dragons most of the time. Keep on doing experiments because this can be helpful in getting some good dragons with ease. Lots of gamers have used this method and gained rare and epic dragons with higher powers.

Things To Know About

While upgrading the dragons or their hatchery, you should prioritize all the buildings and other stuff so that you don’t run out of resources. Food plays the vital role and if you are not able to get the required amount then the use of dragon city hack tool canflip the game as it can provide unlimited resources for free. Anyone can be the best gamer with this method. Well, there are some other things that you should keep in mind while battle otherwise it can be hard to achieve victory. This thing doesn’t matter that if you are in combat world or it is stadium fights, there are total four basic moves of dragons. Now the fact is, if your dragon is able to bare more attack as per the higher HP then he will be weak in attack. On the other hand, if your dragon is good in attacks then he will lose more health on hits from the opponent.


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